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Fuji 富士 LM-1 Nikkō 日光市

30 December 2009

Fuji  富士 LM-1 Nikkō 日光市

28º 31’ 09” N / 80º 47’ 36” W

Joe May

Fuji 富士 LM-1 Nikkō 日光市 — photo by Joe May

Nakajima Hikoki KK 中島飛行機株式会社 (Nakajima Hikōki Kabushiki Gaisha) evolved into Fuji Heavy Industries 富士重工業株式会社 (Fuji Jūkōgyō Kabushiki-gaisha) after the end of WW II. Under license from Beachcraft, Fuji produced T-34 Mentors. Later, the fully aerobatic Mentor was modified into the Nikkō (日光市, Sunshine) to also perform as a four place liaison and training aircraft for the Japanese Self Defense Force.

This particular aircraft was in the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum* in Titusville Florida USA, on loan, during 2008 but has since left.

* For a description of the museum please see my post, Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum — Titusville FL

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