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Photo Funday — hangar door hanger

26 March 2010

Photo Funday — a photo and informative caption for the weekend

Right hand air ship hangar door frame — photo by Joe May

Right hand air ship hangar door frame — photo by Joe May

Naval Air Station Richmond existed in Miami, in part, as a lighter than air ship base for K-class blimps during WW II. A hurricane devastated the base in September 1945. All three hangars were destroyed in the 170 mph (272kph) winds and subsequent fire — along with  25 air ships and 368 aircraft. Each hangar was massive, covering 7 acres (2.8 hectares) with their 1088 feet length (404.8m) and 297 feet width (110.5m). Their heights were in the neighborhood of 17 stories. The hangars were of wooden construction with metal doors and concrete hangar door frames. The only large remaining feature of any of the NAS Richmond hangars is this single frame that is now used as a radio tower support. The site itself is now home to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. One of these hangar designs exists at the Tillamook Air Museum which was described in the post, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum and the Tillamook Air Museum.

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  1. 1 February 2013 10:48

    It is amazing picture. Thank you for sharing.

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