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Who was Jack Bolt?

19 May 2010


Who was Jack Bolt?

29º 03′ 24″ N / 80º 56′ 31″ W

New Smyrna Beach has its own scenic flavor. There are modern businesses there but there are also businesses that cater to the tourist that must have first opened in the 1950s. The town was first founded in 1768.

It is also home to the New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport — a large but quite field just south of Daytona Beach Florida in the USA — also known as Jack Bolt Field. I stopped by to find what I might find there while driving on a business trip and I came upon a memorial for a man with a remarkable combat record as a US Marine Corps fighter pilot. Naturally, his name was Jack Bolt and he was the only USMC ace in both WW II and the Korean Conflict.

Jack Bolt Memorial — photo by Joe May

Jack Bolt Memorial — photo by Joe May

Sincere memorials, such as this one, are important. Why? I think that it is because it ties human history to the present moment as well as the location and we should remember people as well as events. We are all here because of what others have done, are we not?

Jack Bolt's memorial plaque — photo by Joe May

Jack Bolt's memorial plaque — photo by Joe May

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  1. 19 May 2010 19:17

    Nicely written, I agree about the importance of memorials especially sincere ones as you said. It links past with present, a way of not forgetting those who gave their lives, eternally.

    Keep these ones coming I thoroughly enjoy reading them.


  2. travelforaircraft permalink
    20 May 2010 23:21

    Thanks and I could not agree with you more.


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