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UDT-SeAL — their national museum, the cockpits

10 December 2010

UDT-SeAL — their national museum, the cockpits

The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum — Ft. Pierce FL

27º 29′ 04″ N / 80º 17′ 59″ W

Arriving at the museum is simply done by traveling to Ft. Pierce and going to the north side of the Ft. Pierce inlet (no bridge spans the inlet). You will easily see the museum on the oceanside of A1A — the address is 3300 N Hwy A1A, Ft. Pierce, FL  34949. There are restroom facilities but food isn’t available, though there are many eating establishments in the area. As a bonus, there is a public beach on the Atlantic Ocean that can also be accessed for free behind the museum. Museum entry is a paltry $6 with children under 12 for only $3 and those younger have no charge.

A post on the overall museum was published immediately before this one. Aside from the museum’s overview the aviation related displays were addressed. The military is not in the business of comfort for its service personnel, and especially not for the enemy, as one can see by looking into almost any military vehicle, boat, ship or aircraft.  One of the many enjoyments at the UDT-SEAL Museum is having the ability to peer into the equipment displayed outside on the grounds. This post is about cockpit photos of some of the vehicles which are on display at the museum:

PBR (Patrol River Boat) helm station — photo by Joe May

Cockpit of the SOC-R (Special Operations Craft—Riverine) — photo by Joe May

"Cockpit" of the DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle) — photo by Joe May

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