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F2Y Sea Dart — Part 1

12 January 2011

F2Y Sea Dart — Part 1

27° 58′ 56″ N / 82° 01′ 40″ W

The period after the end of WW II saw the beginning of turbojet powered aircraft coming into prominence and the culmination of seaplane evolution. And on only a few occasions these two areas of aeronautical design merged. One of these creations was the Convair F2Y Sea Dart — a prototype of a waterborne fighter that flew at high speeds, capable of supersonic velocities if in a dive — that was truly a marvel. When I first saw the one pictured below my most immediate impression  was of the cockpit canopy and nose — together they reminded me of Jules Verne’s submarine Nautilus in his adventure novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (written in 1869 and just as exciting to read now as it was back in the day).

Convair F2Y Sea Dart at the Florida Air Museum — photo by Joe May

Aft aspect of the F2Y Sea Dart — photo by Joe May

A design inspired by Jules Verne, perhaps? — photo by Joe May

Tail and panels (Which may have served as speed brakes and rudders?) — photo by Joe May

Rear aspect also showing the delta wing — photo by Joe May

Part 2 of this post will better illustrate the hydroskis as well as the Sea Dart’s beaching gear and will publish on 14 January.

Four Sea Darts exists, unusual for a prototype aircraft which never entered service:

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  1. Bob Axsom permalink
    12 January 2011 12:03

    The Sea Dart was developed when post war Convair seemed locked into the delta wing configuration for everything small (not the B-36 or XC-99), XF-92, VTOL, Sea Dart, F-102 and finally the F-106. I lived in San Diego from before the end of WWII until I enlisted in the USAF in February of 1954 at 17. At the time it seemed to be the very best of shapes for a fighter. As I recall after a Sea Dart was destroyed on takeoff (in San Diego harbor, again as I recall) the project came to an end. It was a time of great experimental development in military aviation.

    Bob Axsom

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      12 January 2011 20:16

      Bob — you make many good points! Joe


  1. Aviation News January 13, 2011 :: N8JW

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