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F2Y Sea Dart — Part 2

14 January 2011

F2Y Sea Dart — Part 2

27° 58′ 56″ N / 82° 01′ 40″ W

Part 1 posted previously on 12 January and described the Sea Dart design as well as listing where the four remaining examples are located — thankfully, three of them are on public display. This post serves to illustrate the unique hydroskis or the Sea Dart, one of only two waterborne jet powered fighter aircraft to fly. These hydroskis gave the Sea Dart its potential to be based almost anywhere in the world whether the location was a tropical isle, an estuary or inland water body. The hydroskis would be retracted into the fuselage during flight or during taxi but would be either half extended or fully extended depending upon speed along the water. They did not quite work out well enough for squadron deployment but take off and landings were accomplished when waves heights were as high as eight feet (2.4m).

The Sea Dart’s hydroskis in full extension — photo by Joe May

A closer view of the hydroskis — photo by Joe May

A view along the length of the port hydroski — photo by Joe May

The Sea Dart was not amphibious but carried its own beaching gear so that it could taxi up or down seaplane ramps. Below are some images of the beaching gear and hull:

Hard rubber wheel on the after end of the hydroski — photo by Joe May

The Convair F2Y Sea Dart as if taking off or landing — photo by Joe May

Hard rubber tail wheel (and panels for speed brakes or rudders) — photo by Joe May

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