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Super Cat Catalina

2 March 2011

Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina — the Super Cat version

Wings Over Miami Air Museum*

25º 39’ 00” N / 80º 26’ 00” W

The Catalina has been written about in this web log* but this aircraft is a bit different. It is painted all in black and sits awaiting a court decision regarding ownership though it is kept in good condition. There is an excellent article written by Graham Robson, in 2005  I think, that describes the substantial restoration and significant upgrades done to this Catalina in 2002. The article is entitled Super Catalina fun and is worth a read ands the photos in it are fantastic to see. This article goes into the details of such a project and the professionals who can do such work. The history of this Super Cate has been overtaken by events since the owner mentioned in the article has passed away, Although the aircraft appears to be in receivership of some sort I see her being actively maintained, all the same.

Here are photos of a Super Cat awaiting its future home:

Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina “Super Cat” at the Wings Over Miami Air Museum — photo by Joseph May

Starboard view of the PBY, the black livery was chosen with regard to the “Black Cat” Catalina aircraft of WW II in the Pacific Theater — photo by Joseph May

Engine cowling detail of “Super Cat” — photo by Joseph May

Not the original Pratt & Whitney R-1830 (1200hp, 895kW) engine but now the Wright Cyclone R-2600 (1700 hp, 1268kW) engine — photo by Joseph May

Main cabin of “Super Cat”, which is one of the few flying PBY’s to possess an Standard Airworthiness Certificate (22 passengers) — photo by Joseph May

1000 extra horsepower (746kW) required the originally rounded vertical stabilizer to have greater area and larger rudder, making for a squared tail — photo by Joseph May

The port wing’s retractable wing float in its deployed position — photo by Joseph May

* For posts about this museum please type “Wings Over Miami” into the search window and select ENTER

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