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“Titanium Goose” walkaround — Lockheed’s rare A-12 “Blackbird” 2nd part

20 May 2011

“Titanium Goose” walkaround — Lockheed’s rare A-12 “Blackbird” 2nd part

Titanium Goose, the Lockheed A-12 Blackbird at the California Science Center in Los Angeles CA — photo by Joe May

The A-12 is an advanced design, even by today’s standards as was discussed in the post that was published two days prior to this one. There’s no need to repeat, so this post will serve to show and mention a bit more detail about this splendid aircraft.

Titanium Gooses twin cockpits and fully chined fuselage — photo by Joe May

The rear of the A-12 showing that the entire ventral surface is devoted to lift, note also how the vertical stabilizers cant inward — photo by Joe May

The engine spike which had a travel fore and aft of about 26 inches (66cm), these would help reduce airflow into the engines to subsonic speeds, this one appears to be in its aft position for supersonic cruise speeds — photo by Joe May

No doubt the A-12 will seem to be a futuristic design for decades to come. When I visited the park to see the Titanium Goose I did not have the time to enter into the California Science Center and view the several aircraft on indoor display and I did not have the skills to take better images of this A-12. Now, with a better camera and lenses as well as ability to produce panoramic images, I am eagerly looking forward to my next trip into LAX.

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