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PBY-5A Catalina Super Cat Mod update

14 February 2012

PBY-5A Catalina Super Cat Mod update

The ultra clear windshield material as well as reduced framing is seen here in this bows on shot — photo by Joseph May

This big beautiful black Catalina sits at the Wings Over Miami Air Museum — and has been doing so for years as possession is resolved after the death of her latest owner. She is no ordinary Consolidated PBY 5-A Catalina but is a Super Cat modification making the aircraft much more powerful as well as capable. An earlier post describing the modifications involved were addressed previously — use the search window with “Super Cat” to find it as well as more photos — but essentially the engines are stronger and the tail has been enlarged. Maintenance work has continued on the Catalina as the legal issues move toward resolution. I was last there at the museum near the end of January and noticed the waist blisters, which had been lying behind the PBY for a bit, have been installed. They are incredibly clear and give an even better view since there is no longer any framing — the framing is no longer needed to provide a sliding portion for crew access has been eliminated. The cockpit windshield has also been replaced with the same ultra clear material. More posts about the Wings Over Miami Air Museum can be seen by pasting the museum’s name into the search window and selecting ENTER 🙂

The fuselage blisters are now so clear that you can easily see from one side through the other and the main cabin window has received the same treatment, note the work in progress on the port aileron area — photo by Joseph May

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  1. 15 February 2012 21:33

    The link to to the website is and the facebook page is www,

    Hi Joe,

    This aircraft is special.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      15 February 2012 22:05

      Thanks — did not know about the Facebook link and am glad you provided it. It’s good to repeat the web site but I had it in there — WOM is one of my favorite museums 🙂

  2. 24 January 2014 21:04

    Joe, the Super Cat is in final stages of refurbishment and should be leaving Wings Over Miami for Cavanaugh Flight Museum in early or mid-February.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      28 January 2014 21:30

      Thanks! This is so good to know 🙂

  3. Ken Williams permalink
    5 April 2018 09:32

    The plane is now located at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum’s restoration shop in Denison Texas. We are doing a full restoration on the plane.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      5 April 2018 19:01

      Thanks. I enjoyed seeing that PBY when it was in Miami, which it was for quite a few years. The PBY-5A with the PBY-6A tail. I look forward to seeing it the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in the near future–it’s also a great museum. Joe

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