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Aaron Tippin — this country singer’s ties to Naval Aviation

24 March 2012

Aaron Tippin — this country singer’s ties to Naval Aviation

I received a press release from Tip Top Entertainment about Aaron Tippin which quite surprised me. It turns out that he has been an accomplished pilot — including instrument and rotary wing ratings — for some time, beginning in his teen years. His love for flying was gifted by his father who was also a pilot — flying for the U.S. Navy, an instructor pilot in the Navy and commercially running his own flying service. It may be no surprise, then, that the press release introduces one of his newest aircraft which is a WW II era North American SNJ — the Navy’s version of the T-6 Texan — an advanced flight trainer. Tippin is flying it to the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In this weekend in Lakeland FL where he will also be putting on a musical performance on Thursday, 29 March.

Aaron Tippin's North American SNJ "Greek Freek" — photo courtesy of Tip Top Entertainment

But there is more to this SNJ — it is in the nose art and her name “Greek Freek” after his wife Thea, who is Greek. The image supplied has enough resolution to make out the art but just not quite some of the detail. The woman appears to be Thea and the bottle’s label is Tippin’s own music label, Nippit. I cannot quite make out the artist’s name and I could not determine the meaning of “Come on Home” in the artwork’s lower right corner. Perhaps another time?

Greek Freek's nose art detail — photo courtesy of Tip Top Entertainment

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