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USAF Museum trip — a friend’s impression

6 April 2012

USAF Museum trip — a friend’s impression

It is good to have friends and I have always believed that much of a person’s value can be assayed in the quality of their friends. I have a few of the 24k quality and one of them is Jayne Davis who traveled to Dayton Ohio to be in a wedding. Either in spite of, or because of, the hubbub leading to that eventful day she asked there were any photos she could take for me in the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. What a gift 🙂 This museum has added many exhibits since I was there two years ago and prime among those were the additions of three early “Key Hole” spy satellites: the KH-7 Gambit I, the KH-8 Gambit 3 and the KH-9 Hexagon.

The ensuing weeks will see posts on these satellites but this post is on a few of the photos she took which were not on the shooting list, the ones which especially caught her eye and are under her copyright.

Consolidated B-24D Liberator “Strawberry Bitch” — photo courtesy of Jayne Davis

This B-24D Liberator obtained its name not in combat but by the crew which flew her acceptance trials stateside. The airspeed indicator was inaccurate and she had her light pink desert camouflage paint scheme — which was sufficient inspiration to name her “Strawberry Bitch” as related by Daniel Rice pilot, in his article on the 376th Heavy Bomb Group website. His story details an especially harrowing combat mission, absorbing severe combat damage, even seeing fuel sloshing about in a wing tank.

Boeing B-52D Statofortress, repaired after severe damage from a SAM in April 1972 she flew additional Vietnam combat missions — photo courtesy of Jayne Davis

Curtiss P-40E Warhawk painted as flown by then Col. Bruce Holloway — photo courtesy of Jayne Davis

Our warmest thanks to Jayne 🙂


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