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Lockheed C-130 Hercules in 18% grey

2 July 2012

Lockheed C-130 Hercules  in 18% grey

35º 07′ 49″ N / 79º 01′ 19″ W

The lighting this day made this aircraft one of easiest set of images to edit I’ve done. The combination of overcast and the shade of grey (reflecting 18% of the light falling upon it, and what a camera’s light meter is calibrated to) made for excellent photography. The Hercules pictured here can be seen at The 82nd Airborne Division Museum.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules — photo by Joseph May

What has not been written about Lockheed’s Hercules, the C-130, and what has it not done? Perhaps taking off from water or an aircraft carrier? A C-130 has been landed on an aircraft carrier, serves in the Antarctic as the LC-130, WC-130s fly into hurricanes while MC-130s fly low and fast for special forces missions. AC-130s carry a fearsome armament, as well, and KC-130s can refuel helicopters while in flight. But it is as a cargo aircraft where it serves the most — whether delivering to overly long runways or dirt strips. Whether landing, or delivering its load by parachute, the C-130 can deploy and operate almost anywhere on the planet.

Front of the Hercules — photo by Joseph May

Rear quarter view of the C-130 — photo by Joseph May

Split loading ramp where the bottom portion lowers to act as a ramp and the upper is raised upwards and inwards against the top of the fuselage — photo by Joseph May

One of the rear doors used for static line parachute deployment of combat troops — photo by Joseph May

Additional fuel supply, never having enough fuel unless the aircraft is on fire — photo by Joseph May

The greenhouse-esque cockpit — photo by Joseph May

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  1. 30 June 2012 08:33

    Hey, Joe!!
    Good Saturday Morning…
    I imagine that this aircraft and the thousands of other’s that handled the resources necessary to perform in the best and worst of circumstances around the world have also seen many grey days since leaving the nest!

    One of the best things about your work is that all of us ; each in our own way are able to ‘internalize &personalize’ it while endearing it or a memory surrounding it to us.

    This is a “service” you provide us…with significance that broadens our knowledge … even with words like “grey” providing the foundation! 🙂

    I REALLY enjoy what you are doing with this blog and have for a long while. Its educational, its accurate, it’s honest and its FUN!!!


    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      30 June 2012 14:03

      Heh David — you made my morning!

      Thanks 🙂

      You have succintly said it — educational, accurate, honest and fun. I’ll steal that for the blog’s motto.

      It has been interesting. At first I thought of writing about museums. Then realized some want to see details. Others want historical asides. You opened my eyes to better cover art — especially to identify the artists of the works. So, I have become a bit more aware of things. And there are so many things!

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