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Airship! — museums, memorials and sites

3 August 2012

Airship! — museums, memorials and sites

Though airships were the future of air transportation in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century they fell out of favor in the 1930s though blimps continued to be in heavy use by the U.S. Navy through WW II. Blimps and aerostats occupy specialized niches today but much of rigid airship history lies all but unnoticed though though many of the sites are within easy reach. The list of these sites may not be complete but it is my best attempt and I think it is comprehensive.



Albert Sammt Zeppelin Museum — Hauptstraße 52, Niederstetten (traces the life of this distinguished airship aviator)

Zeppelin Museum Bahnhof train station, Friedrichshafen

Zeppelin Museum Meersburg Schlossplatz 8, Meersburg (artifacts)

Zeppelin and Garrison Museum Tøndor Gasværkvej 1, Tøndor

Zeppelin-Museum Zeppelinheim Captain-Lehmann-Str. 2, 63263 Neu-Isenburg (Zeppelinheim) — ¼-hull section replica of airship LZ 10



Goodyear Airdock, now owned by Lockheed Martin and not open to the public, can be seen from U.S. Route 224 in Akron OH

MCAS Tustin Airship Hangar, Irvine CA — on a Marine Corps military installation

Moffett Field Museum (on Hwy 101 near Sunnyvale CA — look for Moffett Field

Navy Lakehurst Historical Society Lakehurst NJ

NAS Richmond Museum 12450 SW 152 St, Miami FL 33176 in the Gold Coast Railroad Museum (free admission)

South Weymouth MA has a former naval air station with a Lighter-than-Air hangar

Tillamook Air Museum

USS Shenandoah crash site and Museum in Ava OH (a private museum)


United Kingdom

Cardington Airship Hangars near Harrowden

R101 Airship Memorial in Cardington’s cemetery on Bedford Rd



Zeppelin Hangar at the Santa Cruz military base in Rio de Janeiro with Graf Zeppelin model at main entrance

Zeppelin mooring mast in Recife Brazil located at 08º 04′ 44″ S / 34º 55′ 33″ W



Hangar Y, Château de Meudon, Meudon — the hangar of La France, the world’s first airship to make a return flight

R101 crash marker near Beauvais France located at 49º 23′ 26″ N / 02º 06′ 44″ E

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  1. 21 April 2016 04:12

    See for a worldwide project for 2019 to commemorate the centenary of the R34’s double Atlantic crossing.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      22 April 2016 23:57

      Thanks, I have. A wonderful and worthy project. A post on it soon 🙂

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