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9-11 anniversary

11 September 2012

9-11 anniversary

26º 39′ 18″ N / 80º 14′ 12″ W

Wellington Patriot Memorial

Wellington Trace and Forrest Hill Blvd, Wellington FL

Wellington Patriot Memorial in Wellington FL — photo by Joseph May

Structural member of the 2 World Trade Center at the Memorial — photo by Joseph May

Another view of part of 2 WTC at the Memorial — photo by Joseph May

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  1. 11 September 2012 15:32

    The 9-11 Anniversary

    For some I’m sure, the word ‘beautiful’ might not seem appropros…….but even for the _best_ artists, what could be a more fulfilling privilege and opportunity than to create (or assisting in) something that would have this kind of IMPACT that these sculptures have.

    Indianapolis now has one…and it is a very powerful statement. If they aren’t already, they more than likely will be all over the the planet.

    Each piece has been enhanced by an artist, ( professional or not) for one and all to touch.. physically or spiritually.

    Demanding respect and courtesy, much artwork today hangs or stands in a space where the admonition, “Do not touch” comes into play. With these sculptures, all will be reminded of it’s significance……

    That all who have given their lives for what this country stands for; as well as the thousands of people who gave their lives that day.

    I’d doubt anyone would mind at all if we reach up to touch in our own way.

    david lord

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