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T-33A — photo by Joseph May


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  1. Wm Croniin permalink
    9 March 2013 12:46

    Great picture of the T33. As a (rNavy veteran,) I was stationed at the NAS QUONSET POINT RI. I served During the late 50′ leaving aprox 6 years later. Our version of the T33 was the Navy TV2 and later the Navy 2TV Our air craft was the 2 seat trainer craft. Quonset Point NAS was the home of 5 Aircraft Carriers with different Squadron’s for each carrier.All kinds of Navy planes. This was a very busy place during that time in history. I worked in the Air Craft Maintenance Department. We catered to the Pilots going through the war college across the bay. They flew our planes to keep up their needed flying hours. As a plane capt for our trainers I was able to fly with the craft when the pilots were doing their required flight hours. Our route was always the same. Quonset point to Milton Florida and return. It was quite an experence for a young man.
    In addition we had the SNB5 Twin engine Beach Craft. (I called them the SKY KING Aircraft.) It reminded me of the TV series during that time.
    NAS Quonset point was closed in the middle of the 1970’s The Carrier fleet was going through a major transition and most were moved from th East coast to the West coast where the most of them were scrapped at a later time.
    Thanks for the pictures It was a Flash Back In time for me

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      17 March 2013 10:30

      Hello and thanks for reminding us that it is people of which aviation’s history is made, not only the aircraft. Joe

  2. bill cronin permalink
    19 March 2013 12:15

    Thanks for your return E mail Joe. I just recently started my search for the NAS Quonset point base where I was stationed. With the help of a very good friend (a retired Master Chief of 32 years on a submarine) I was able to find loads of material about my NAS. The naval aircraft of my period of time really sparked my attention compared to the aircraft of the years following my leaving the NAVY. When I found your web cite and the picture of the T33 It really brought back some good thoughts. As I look back at the aircrafts that were at our base & deployed aboard 5 stationed Air Craft carriers, I was amazed at the changes over a very short period of time. Thanks again

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      26 March 2013 18:37

      Well, we both know there is no arguing with a Master Chief!

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