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Sebring’s Vintage World War II Air Traffic Control Tower

22 February 2013

Sebring’s Vintage World War II Air Traffic Control Tower

27º 27′ 28″ N / 81º 20′ 45″ W

— photo by Joseph May

Sebring Regional Airport’s vintage World War II ATC tower — photo by Joseph May

Sebring Florida is a quaint and picturesque town in central Florida which sits amid beautifully formed karst terrain lakes. Seen from the air these lakes have wild shapes, anything but round really, due to millennia of sinkhole formation. Sebring must have been bucolic in the early days of World War II and the city leaders meant to do something about that — and they showed initiative and imagination. They purchased land for an airport as well as lobbied politicians in Washington DC to have it built. During 1941 the field, Hendricks Field, was built as an Army Air Corps training base — and none too soon with regard to World War II.

Many pilots and aircrew trained here after their basic flight instruction — from single engine aircraft to the heavy bomber Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. All were directed by personnel in the control tower preserved at the facility which Hendricks Field evolved to be — Sebring Regional Airport — which provides this history link containing much in the way of information as well as vintage photographs.

— photo by Joseph May

A closer view of the work space which may have performed well as a lightning rod given the flat surrounding terrain the tower rose above — photo by Joseph May

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