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Where chilly drafts of the Cold War can be felt

29 March 2013

Where chilly drafts of the Cold War can be felt

After reading Professor Jon Wiener’s (pronounced “winer”) recently published, and remarkable, book* on the — Cold War How We Forgot the Cold War: a historical journey across America — I became curious about other locations in the world where remnants and artifacts related to aviation’s history can be viewed. Below is the list of those locations along with a tiny few in the United States not mentioned in the book (see pages 6 and 7 of the book for a map for and a rich list of locations relating to the Cold War in America, aviation and non aviation related):


JFK compound and Peanut Island Bunker — President John F. Kennedy’s family had a residence in the Town of Palm Beach (currently it is in private hands waiting for turning the location in a museum). The residence cannot be viewed by the public but the bunker on nearby Peanut Island (moments away by helicopter) can be visited — information can be found here

Nike Missile Base in Everglades National Park (with recently restored Nike surface to air missile)

Memorial (an F-86 on a plinth) to Maj. Anderson USAF in Greenville SC’s Cleveland Park — U-2 pilot lost on a mission over Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the only (known) casualty of the crisis

Bay of Pigs Museum in Miami FL

United Kingdom

Bentwaters Cold War Museum — a preserved U.S. Air Force command center which has been hardened against nuclear attack. The War Room, communications center, decon and air lock can be seen.

RAF Air Defense Radar Museum — see the radar as well as the Cold War Operations Room.


Aeromuseum — hangars buried into rock to house an air wing


Bay of Pigs Museum in Playa Girón — where it all happened


* use the search window to locate the post 🙂

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  1. 29 March 2013 02:14

    Great stuff, although not all reminders of the era are museums.

    At the international airport in Brno, Czech Republic; there is a clutch of about a dozen hardened aircraft shelters that date to when the airport was used by the former Czechoslovak air force in the 1980s as a MiG-21 base:

    The shelters are still in use as hangars for civil aircraft so you can’t visit them easily, but they do stand as testament to the era.

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      1 April 2013 07:34

      Thanks for the locale, I’ll place it on my map of places to see. Yes, not all the places I mentioned are museums and many museums have Cold War exhibits but it struck me that there are scant few placed which are more-or-less dedicated to teh Cold War.

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