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The Up and Coming Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc.

8 April 2013

The Up and Coming Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc.

Arthur Godfrey was the premier media superstar of the 1950s with a career spanning decades. He is known for famous advertisements as well as pioneering how to personally connect with radio listeners (back in the day before television).

Yes, he is famed for radio as well as television and that is how he is most often recalled in the 21st Century.

But that is not all he accomplished and not by a long shot since his work is a substantial part of aviation’s history. Sadly, though, the memory of Godfrey’s contributions grow dim with the passing of the years.

Godfrey promoted aviation’s power during the earlier years of the Cold War, as well as in civil aviation, and his power as the nation’s leading pitchman cannot be overvalued in these matters. He especially showed the general public that airline travel was not only safe but that is was also expedient with regard to getting to vacation destinations — opening the floodgates for travel tourism for Eastern Airlines from New York to Miami, as just one example.

Happily, a cadre of several motivated professionals is working to ensure the aviation legacy continues as well. They have formed the Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc. — an IRS recognized charitable organization. Their initial mission objectives include:

  • Recalling Arthur M. Godfrey
  • Founding an aviation library
  • Funding scholarships

More objectives will develop in time, of course. and we will be sure to follow the Foundation’s evolution.

This is an exciting event since a significant portion of aviation’s history may now be conserved in a single location — Lakeland FL near the Sun ‘n Fun Annual Airshow and Florida Air Museum. More and continuing information can be found on this link which is on the JR Hafer Aviation Blog.

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  1. 8 April 2013 08:41

    Certainly, Arthur Godfrey would be smiling down from Beacon Hill Farm grave in Leesburg Virginia today after all these years, in knowing his passion for aviation will not be forgotten. His love for aviation was second to none, though he was known mostly for his broadcasting and his ability to connect with his beloved audience, Arthur loved Flying most of all. Americans enjoy the freedom of General Aviation, due in part to Arthur Godfrey’s fostering other passions for soaring the skies… Thanks Mr. May and Travel for Aircraft…

    • Mike Murphy permalink
      16 January 2020 20:34

      I used to open the gate on Sunday afternoon at Godfrey Field in Leesburg, VA so Mrs. Godfrey could drive Arthur up to his Beechcraft Baron N1J, Turquoise and white. He would fly out late on Sunday afternoons to go to New York for his TV show. late 60’s early 70’s. I was a kid that hung out at the airport most of the time. Great memories

  2. Cynthia florsheim permalink
    11 April 2013 22:47

    Did’t Godfrey own and fly the Aero car by molt Taylor. This was an unusual vehicle that you could drive and fly.
    I’m glad that you are preserving Godfrey’s contribution to aviation. He was truly a great entertainer and a positive addition to GA.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      21 April 2013 07:18

      Thanks, but I can’t take credit for this honorable and much needed effort — that would have to go to the Foundation — Travel for Aircraft was happy to relay the information to you though 🙂 We will ask the Foundation your question for you and get back with you as soon as we can.

  3. Ronald J McCormack permalink
    8 May 2013 00:28

    Years ago when I was a kid I would take the bus from Wyckoff N.J. to Teterboro airport. I remember seeing Arthur’s Convair 440 parked at Atlantic Aviation. Later he had a Gulfstream G1,N1M,parked at Atlantic. In his later years he had a Beech Baron N1J parked at Atlantic. The Baron was painted in Eastern Airlines colors.Thanks Arthur. I still love watching you on utube singing ‘little grass shack”

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