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The People’s Mosquito Project goes big with art by Simon W. Atack!

30 May 2013

The People’s Mosquito Project goes big with art by Simon W. Atack!

2012 Nick Horrox

2012 Nick Horrox

There are many worthy and enterprising historic aircraft restoration projects which are active at almost any time. Perhaps this one, The People’s Mosquito Project, is with the upper percentiles of these works. Few, far too few, are in museums to be seen though the de Havilland Mosquito was one of the decisive aircraft during World War II with its ability to reconnaissance, pathfinding, fighter and bomber missions. Today only one is on active flight status and that only quite recently. This “Mossie” is in the capable hands of Kermit Weeks who is famed for many things and especially for his restored-to-original preferences with the aircraft in his collection.

Yet, there is no Mosquito on active flying status within a public trust and this leaves a significant chasm with regard to other flying Allied World War II Allied aircraft. Seeing, hearing and feeling these aircraft is significant and keeps alive the history — as well as recalling the tremendous importance of the aircraft designers and air crew in the most powerful of ways.

The People’s Mosquito Project steps in to remedy this situation and is a recognized charity dedicated to the building of a de Havilland Mosquito from original forms to be donated to a public trust where it may fly alongside a Lancaster, Hurricanes, Spitfires and Lysanders.

Constantly gaining momentum the project team has now been joined by acclaimed aviation artist, Simon W. Atack, and what follows is the press release from The People’s Mosquito Project.


PRESS RELEASE – Issued 25th May 2013

Aviation artist Simon W. Atack lends his support to The People’s Mosquito

The People’s Mosquito takes great pleasure in announcing that renowned aviation and maritime artist Simon W. Atack has given his strongest endorsement to the project by offering it his official support.

Simon explains: “I support this project wholeheartedly. Because I recognise something kindred-like here. There is a spirit unique to the British character that does not accept the impossible as impossible.

I know exactly what it means to defy the face of the impossible. Apparently I am going to be famous as an artist, only after my death! I often receive comments from individuals bereft of that spirit to ensure that important parts of our history and heritage are available to those that come after us.  And so it is I recognise that same spirit with The People’s Mosquito.

Never underestimate what can be achieved with collective will and thought…and a big helping of enthusiasts’ time and financial support.

This sorely missed aeroplane will fly in British skies again one day.  You just watch!

Here’s to rolled-up sleeves!”

Simon has become an honorary member of the TPM team and also joins the growing ranks of Associates that include many aviation related organisations around the world such as New Zealand-based Avspecs Ltd who recently brought Mosquito KA114 back to life and numerous aviation museums and RAF Squadron Associations.

Simon’s latest work, “On The Wings Of The Storm”, featuring Mosquito IVs of RAF 105 Squadron – the first unit to receive the Mosquito – training off the coast of Scotland, will be the focal point of his own page on The People’s Mosquito website at

Formed in December 2011, The People’s Mosquito has a simple vision: to restore a de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito to flying condition and return it to the skies. The project began life on Twitter when warbird restorer and aviation fanatic John Lilley tweeted about his longstanding idea of getting a Mosquito flying in the UK again.

The individuals behind The People’s Mosquito project all have one thing in common – a passion for aircraft. They are united by a love of aviation history and a desire to see one of the Second World War’s most distinguished aircraft flying above Britain again.


We hope you agree that this is a very exciting development for us as we grow the TPM project. Simon has a huge and ardent following around the world and we hope his support will help us to build our growing band of global supporters.
As stated above, we have added a page to our website featuring Simon’s latest works: the aforementioned  “On the Wings of the Storm”, along with the magnificent “Hopgood’s Courageous Run” – commemorating the Dambusters. Take a look and enjoy these beautiful pieces of art.
Nick Horrox
PR for The People’s Mosquito

Twitter: @peoplesmosquito

To see and enjoy the works of Simon W. Atack, please go to this link 🙂


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