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Dambusters special edition magazine

7 June 2013

Dambusters special edition magazine

Dam-busters: the Amazing Story of Operation Chastise, 2013, Aeroplane Monthly, 130 pp. (with additional combination large cutaway drawing and illustration)

Dam-busters: the amazing story of Operation Chastise, 2013, Aeroplane Monthly

Dam-busters: the amazing story of Operation Chastise, 2013, Aeroplane Monthly

This review is about a special edition magazine now in the stores — unlike books, these do not get reprinted so when they are gone, they are gone. Naturally, these tend to be pricey for comparably sized magazines but can be worth it if filled to the brim with articles, images and drawings. Dam-busters is all that and much more. The equipment used is detailed in descriptions, notably the Lancaster and Upkeep — the persons involved as well (from Air Marshal Harris to the aircrew and especially Barnes Wallis). A large cutaway drawing of a conventional Lancaster is included, drawn by unsurpassed J.H. Clarke and on the reverse side is an illustration of the painting by renowned aviation artist Adam Tooby, The Dambusters (a portion of which is the front cover of the magazine. The number of photos are almost too numerous to count and spread throughout the publication, not massed into the central pages.

Testing of the Upkeep mine (or bomb as some may say) is discussed thoroughly and includes a photo of the several spherical models used by Wallis in his initial experiments. The making of the film Dam Busters which was released in 1955 — this article is several pages and covers the making, the acting, location finding and filming.

I also amazed to learn of connections with the raid and the George Lucas Star Wars film. If one is to own a single reference regarding Operation Chastise then this is the one to have since it is comprehensive, thorough, well written and well illustrated.

The painting used in the front cover as well as extra illustration could have been better referenced but here are the details:

  • Title: The Dambusters
  • Artist: Adam Tooby
  • Description: an Avro Lancaster B.Mk.1 Special of No. 617 Squadron Royal Air Force Scampton, Lincolnshire, England on 16/17 May 1943 as an Upkeep explodes against the Möhne Dam
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  1. Jay Titerle permalink
    25 January 2016 02:46

    I am a REAL FAN of anything having to do with the Dambusters &617 squadron( have 1/ 45th scale model of a Dambuster Lancaster painted exact same Color scheme as one of 617squadron ) .HOW TO OBTAIN this special edition from Aeroplane Monthly? Is it still available? If so how much ( translated in Cdn $)?

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      25 January 2016 09:28

      Hello. I’m glad you were able to see the post as this is an excellent publication. The website is–we have our fingers crossed for you.

      • 25 January 2016 23:55

        I tried link you provided- got ERROR message:HTTP:ERROR404.0 Not Found The resource you are looking for has been removed; had it’s name changed or is temporarily unavailable.
        How can I get a copy of this Aeroplane monthly Special Edition : Dambusters, if the link provided doesn’t work?? I really really want to get a copy of this special edition.

      • travelforaircraft permalink*
        26 January 2016 08:32

        Then try this link––I checked and it is a live one. Remember to contact them if they don’t have a back issues section (they may have, I didn’t check through the site).

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