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A Pan Am Convair 240? And in Apopka Florida?

24 June 2013

A Pan Am Convair 240? And in Apopka Florida?

28º 42′ 27″ N / 81º 34′ 58″ W

Convair 240 at the developing U.S. Airline Industry Musuem — photo provided by Steve Krupa ©2013

Convair 240 at the developing U.S. Airline Industry Museum — photo by Steve Krupa ©2013

We owe our thanks to Steve Krupa for thinking about this blog when he spotted this aircraft while at a job in Apopka FL which had him very near the town’s airport — the Orlando–Apopka Airport, though it is really an airstrip. Pan American World Airways was a long haul airline, so it was puzzling to see a short range Convair 240 in Pan Am livery so we thought that there might be a story there, especially since the aircraft looks to be in good repair.

Fortunately, Stephan Hudak has the story and published this article in the Orlando Sentinel on 12 April 2013. Luckily, the story is bigger than the aircraft since a new museum is in the process of formation! The group behind the proto-museum is the U.S. Airline Industrial Museum Foundation and retired Pan Am pilot LeRoy H. Brown is the front man for the outfit.

Bill Beebe writes blogbeebe and has superlative photos of the Convair 240, both inside and out. His two posts with these photos are:

If this aircraft was not flown by Pan Am then the livery may be due to Mr. Brown’s efforts and he would certainly not be the only enthusiastic and loyal Pan Am pilot, but it may not be accurate. Then, again, the foundation may be trying to establish excitement for the museum and we can reasonably expect the museum to feature Pan Am material. The U.S. Airline Industry Museum will find its way as it evolves, we are sure of that 🙂

Soon we will venture there and hopefully speak with them 🙂

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  1. Ed Johnson permalink
    26 June 2013 23:35

    I think it was a Convair 240 that I first flew on in September 1948. I was owned by Western Airlines. Flew from San Diego, California to Seattle round trip. Cost: $36.00.

  2. Dennis permalink
    5 February 2017 16:23

    Pan Am flew 20 of them back in the late ’40s and early 50’s, but not in that livery of course.

  3. Tim permalink
    14 July 2017 15:24

    This airframe is actually ex- TWA, I am trying right now to find help to get it torn down and shipped to a museum in California.

    • Jim Heekin permalink
      12 December 2018 11:26

      Tim, can you give me a call regarding the Apopka Convair? (407) 418-6276. Jim Heekin

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