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11/11/13 — Veterans Day and the 81,620

11 November 2013

11/11/13 — Veterans Day and the 81,620

It is Veteran’s Day — we hope you enjoy the day off if you have it — recall that this is a remembrance day and pause for a moment to reflect on the sacrifice as well as the hardship our veterans (and families) have paid for and endured.

Veteran at a rally in Ybor City during the 1980s — photo by Joseph May

Veteran at a rally in Ybor City during the 1980s, not a day off for him but a duty to be performed — photo by Joseph May

81,620 MIA — Missing in Action Numbers (data from the DoD POW/MIA Mission in July 2013)

Missing in Action Numbers by Area

MIA Number



North America (all during World War II)


Central and South America (all during World War II)


Europe (21,071 during World War II / 77 during the Cold War)


Africa (all during World War II)


Middle East (25 during World War II / 6 in both Gulf Conflicts)


India, Asia and the western Pacific (47,692 during World War II / 7918 during the Korean War / 1648 during the Vietnam War / 49 during the Cold War)

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  1. 16 November 2013 13:02

    This report was a good Veterans’ Day reminder, Joe, and we thank you for it. There were some surprising MIA numbers here, including the North America total for WWII… “Lest We Forget”

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      18 November 2013 05:07

      Yes, some of the numbers surprised me as well. The amount of training losses were high weren’t they? And the number of Cold War MIA personnel surprised me too.

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