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World First Airline Flight Centennial Continues :)

2 January 2014

World First Airline Flight Centennial Continues 🙂

We received word from Mr. William Michaels, who is the President of the Flight 2014 Planning Board which is co-hosting this centennial celebration of the World’s First Airline Flight. He noted the success of the anniversary day (1 January 2014) activities which notably included:

  • The exhibition of the flying replica Benoist XIV Air Boat flown by Tony Jannus for the St.Petersburg-Tampa Air Boat Line
  • The commemorative flight in the Hoffman X-4 “Mullet Skiff” by pilot Ed Hoffman, Jr. (his father, Ed Hoffman, Sr. built the Hoffman X-4 as well as a flying replica of the Benoist XIV flown on the 75th anniversary and now hangs in the St. Petersburg Museum of History)

Michaels also confirms that the centennial celebration will continue through 2014 and the Kermit Weeks will complete the adjustments to the flying replica he built — including a replica of the original Roberts engine — and fly it on the St.Petersburg-Tampa Air Boat Line route connecting St. Petersburg and Tampa across Tampa Bay (no bridges spanned the bay back in the day).

Stay tuned…things are happening!

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