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Earthrise: My Adventures as an Apollo 14 Astronaut

3 April 2014

Earthrise: My Adventures as an Apollo 14 Astronaut

Earthrise: my adventures as an Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell PhD, 2014, ISBN 9781613749012, 208 pp.

Earthrise: my adventure as an Apollo 14 astronaut by Edgar Mitchell, PhD

Earthrise: my adventure as an Apollo 14 astronaut by Edgar Mitchell, PhD (jacket design by Sarah Olson)

Edgar Mitchell, the author, is one of the few to become a space traveler and one of those rarefied few who have walked on the Moon. He tells his story not as much as an autobiography but as a trusted family uncle — a person family members go to searching for a particular understanding from a person who can easily explain things, or simply recall events for what they were without embellishment or convenient omissions of fact.

He tells a tale only few can tell and his first hand accounts of moon walks are enthralling as is his riveting description of reentry into Earth’s atmosphere, not to mention being one of the last three astronauts quarantined upon return from the Moon. A few of the of the many subjects addressed, other than obvious ones, in his smooth but exciting manner are:

  • What the food was and what is was like to eat in zero gravity
  • The excitement of losing the lunar landing radar and the race to get it back on-line with the seconds counting down
  • The actual hiking experience and the lugging hundreds of pounds of gear on the lunar surface
  • The work transferring the lunar rock samples from the lunar ascent stage to the Apollo command module
  • Reading of the Extra-Terrestrial Exposure Law [CFR* Title 14 Section 1211]

The reader will learn more than NASA acronyms, as well — words such as metanoia and noetic. Mitchell makes clear his opinion regarding the existence of ESP though he has a clear rationale for his belief and makes food for thought. He is an astronaut so he is nothing if not a clear and deliberate thinker. Mitchell also briefly describes an organization he co-founded which is the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). He does not use his book as a recruiting tool but mentions his involvement with ESP and IONS in order to make for a complete story of his Apollo 14 mission experience.

Edgar Mitchell writes in a comfortable friendly way, making this book a natural for a young adult, or advanced child, as well as an easy read for the adult looking to read beyond the cold facts (as told by NASA) of this lunar mission. He has also included a rich resource section and excellent index.

* Code of Federal Regulations


As is the publishing business custom, Chicago Review Press provided a copy of this book for an objective review.

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