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Hidden Warbirds II: more epic stories of finding, recovering, and rebuilding WWII’s lost aircraft

4 June 2014

Hidden Warbirds II

Hidden Warbirds II: more epic stories of finding, recovering, and rebuilding WWII’s lost aircraft, Nicholas A. Veronico, 2014, ISBN 97807603466013, 256 pp.

Hidden Warbirds II: more epic stories of finding, recovering, and rebuilding WWII's lost aircraft by Nicholas A. Veronico

Hidden Warbirds II: more epic stories of finding, recovering, and rebuilding WWII’s lost aircraft by Nicholas A. Veronico

There are a few things which feel so good in the hand that they seem perfectly natural to hold. The reason they feel so good is not so much the effortless way they can be used but that one can make something happen with that one item. A well balanced hammer, a cut glass tumbler and Hidden Warbirds II are such items.

Nick Veronico’s Hidden Warbirds II, his successive new title just released, fits well in the hand. The book is a trove of warbird recovery and restoration stories — as well as the stories of the people recovering and restoring them. Allied as well as Axis aircraft are covered in chapter after chapter — all on glossy pages also filled with on-the-scene photos.

Nick Veronico has written about the people behind the warbirds and warbird recoveries/restorations for many years — and well. His writing is full of the details that only an excellent researcher or avid participant would know so his writing is rich and often has the reader feeling as if they had just returned from a warbird recovery mission.

There are so many stories and seemingly unlimited as well as enlightening tidbits of information. The wide spectrum of recovery/restoration stories in Hidden Warbirds II are:

Dornier Do 17Z Birdcage Corsair Junkers Ju 88
Boeing B-17 Bell P-39 Airacobra Republic P-47 Thunderbolt
Brewster Corsair North American B-25 Mitchell Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk
North American P-51 Mustang Hawker Tempest II Consolidated PB2Y Privateer


Especially gratifying is Veronico’s coverage of the B-24 Liberator in a dedicated chapter entitled, Where did all the Liberators go? This heavy bomber, as well as its crews, often experience much less attention than deserved so it is good of Veronico to even the balance.

His passion for history and accuracy has produced another book devoted to World War II’s historic aircraft wrecks without a bias. Although underrepresented in most media Veronico also includes the Hawker Tempest II, a Luftwaffe Do 17Z, a Luftwaffe Ju 88 and a Yokosuka D4Y Suisei (横須賀 彗星 Yokosuka Comet/Allied code name “Judy”) late of the Imperial Japanese Navy. An update to the B-17E know as “Swamp Ghost is also welcome. Readers will recall that “Swamp Ghost” was on the cover of Hidden Warbirds which was as equally well received as Hidden Warbirds II will be

Each recovery and restoration has its own unique story and Veronico’s writing refreshingly brings the reader each story. Hidden Warbirds II is rich and the reader is rewarded many times with each page. In fact, this book could serve as the only source for this blog for the remainder of 2014!


As is the publishing business custom, Zenith Press and On-line Bookstore provided a copy of this book for an objective review.

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