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World War II from Above

13 June 2014

World War II from Above

World War II from Above: an aerial view of the global conflict, Jeremy Harwood, 2014, ISBN 9780760345733, 208 pp.

This book skillfully tells the tale of the air war during World War. Most of the air war is addressed using well worded text as well as 100 color photos, 100 black and whites images as well as many maps. Notably absent is the Battle for the Atlantic as well as the story of carrier aviation. The book is a well done and provides a riveting overview of the material it covers.

World War II from Above: an aerial view of the global conflict by Jeremy Harwood

World War II from Above: an aerial view of the global conflict by Jeremy Harwood

This is an excellent book for the fledgling history buff as well as a good summary book of the air war over the European continent in general. Harwood’s book is also well indexed and possesses a pleasant mix of photos which have often been seen as well as those which often have not (most with extraordinarily detailed captions). Harwood’s writing is engaging with verve and knowledge making this book an excellent read for anyone from the precocious middle school student to the casual adult.


As is the publishing business custom, Zenith Press and On-line Bookstore provided a copy of this book for an objective review.

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  1. 13 June 2014 07:20

    Hi Joe, Congratulations on your new endeavor of book reviews. We have enjoyed reviewing aviation books for years. Anything to promote reading and especially reading about aviation can only be applauded.       

    JR Hafer, aviation writer PO Box 90111 Lakeland, FL 33804-0111

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      13 June 2014 17:21

      Thanks JR 🙂 Good to hear from you and yes — I have been reading several good book which have just been published — an embarrassment of riches.

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