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Travel for Aircraft earns its nickel

15 July 2014

Travel for Aircraft earns its nickel

Travel for Aircraft is five years old.

How in the world…

Originally begun as a writing lab, as well as a way to post images, it has evolved into a reference resource not to mention an immense learning experience. This is in no small part to creative and writing advice from a cadre of friends who go unpaid as is fitting since their advice is priceless. The primary mission then — as it is now — is about illustrating aviation’s history, where to find it and those who preserve it.

Beginning with simply posting photos this blog has grown into a bit of research, reviews (books, films as well as DVDs) and, on occasion, breaking news. There are now several hundred posts, many dozens of reviews and (especially fun) several dozens of museum reviews — plus thousands of images. The museum lists continue to grow in number (sadly with some deletions and happily with new museums appearing).

Travel for Aircraft will continue to be non revenue in character (i.e., no advertisements) and will soon migrate to a unique URL — the migration should be seamless but to ensure regular readers do not get lost there will be an unveiling post with pertinent information.

Our primary reference resources which help to make Travel for Aircraft unique continue to be:

  • Shortfinals’s Blog — a superlative blog written by Ross Sharp who has a depth of knowledge which cannot be fathomed as well as a charming writing style. Travel for Aircraft owes much to this blog’s style and high standards
  • Indy Transponder — published on a daily basis serving as an aviation news center and is invaluable
  • Vintage Aeroplane Writer — written by the aviation author James Kightly, an Aussie who knows and goes
  • 神風 Kamikaze Images — by Bill Gordon who is an authority who studies the Japanese kamikaze units as well as having traveled to most, if not all, their sites and memorials.
  • Aces Flying High — by Deano (he does not use his full name so nor will I), traveler extraordinaire, author, photographer and fellow admirer of those who preserve history
  • Jet City Star — by Isaac Alexander who organizes news beyond compare and who has been generous with his technical support
  • Apron 6 — a blog which publishes creative aviation photography serving as an inspiration for our photography

There are also more than a few who correspond and are sources of information and improvement who have our immense gratitude as well:

Marty and Jayne Davis Ross Sharp David McLay
Bill Ramsey Allan Shappert Gene Fioretti
Isaac Alexander David Lord Deano
John Lilley Nick Horrox


Travel for Aircraft also continues to especially provide support for:

  • The People’s Mosquito Project — the noble effort to build a de Havilland Mosquito for the public as well as for education and remembrance
  • Wings Over Miami Air Museum — a local museum and the only aviation museum with aircraft in southeastern Florida
  • Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum — another local museum, and a most recent one, which packs a large punch in a small package
  • Florida Aviation Historical Society — a venerated organization which has a fantastic number of professionals who were part of or witnessed aviation’s history
  • There are many museums and societies — all of which would gladly accept your help in any way that can be offered, we also help others whenever we can
  • Images have also been donated to authors for their books since these authors toil for their largely unprofitable task and, for which, we are benefited greatly

Writing is process learned, practiced then repeated in a continuous cycle. Future posts may become less complex in order to offer more time for research and, hopefully, much more in-depth writing on occasion — in order to broaden that cycle.

Thanks to all, from Travel for Aircraft, for helping in this blog’s primary focus to recall aviation’s history and those who preserve it 🙂

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  1. Mike Souders permalink
    15 July 2014 17:08

    Thanks for the nice mention…. and a Big Congrats on reaching your “nickel”. Mike, Indy Transponder

  2. 15 July 2014 23:57

    Congrats and Best Wishes on the 5th anniversary of your informative and entertaining “Travel For Aircraft” blog, Joe! Here’s wishing you many more! Aviation/aviation history aficionados appreciate your consistently well-researched and presented contributions.. (And thanks for the tribute to Florida Aviation Historical Society.)

  3. shortfinals permalink
    20 July 2014 19:08

    Dear Joe, thank you both for your exceptionally generous comments about ‘Shortfinals’, and also for your enduring friendship. This is a two-way street, friend. I am constantly inspired by your efforts to inform and educate and your willingness to share your knowledge. Likewise, The People’s Mosquito Ltd. benefits a great deal from your work to promote this worthy cause. You are truly an inspiration!

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      24 July 2014 20:29

      You’re most kind. It is good to be in the same effort for these deserving causes, is it not?


  1. Travel for Aircraft earns its nickel | Travel for Aircraft | Aviation Blog

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