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Curtiss A-8 — the 1930s attack aircraft experiment

23 July 2014

Curtiss A-8 — the 1930s attack aircraft experiment

The U.S. Army Air Corps compared air cooled radial engine powered aircraft versus in-line liquid cooled engines in attack aircraft designs, during the 1930s, and the Curtiss A-8 was one of these designs. Powered by a Curtiss V-1570-31 Conqueror (600 hp/~450kW) the A-8 carried its pilot–observer/rear gunner nearly 500 miles at 153 mph/245kph. Marked by two glazed tandem cockpits it had a semi-sleek appearance though with distracting wing bracing. Aside from the rear position armed with a single 0.30 caliber machine guns there were  four forward firing machine 0.30 caliber machine guns with the primary offensive armament of a four bomb mounting points for a total of nearly 500 lbs. /~230kg.


Curtiss A-8 — San Diego Air & Space Museum photo from the Charles M. Daniels Collection

Curtiss A-8 — San Diego Air & Space Museum photo from the Charles M. Daniels Collection

The A-8 design was phased out of the competition in the late 1930s with all models sent to be scrapped and the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force has this fact sheet.

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  1. shortfinals permalink
    23 July 2014 12:28

    The A-8 had more than a hint of the early Ju-87A about it, in visual terms at least, although the Junkers machine was far more capable machine as a dedicated dive bomber.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      24 July 2014 20:28

      Right you are! Once I read your comment I could see that immediately 🙂 Good eyes!

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