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No. 100 Group RAF Association gets a good talking to ;)

8 August 2014

RAF No. 100 Group Association gets a good talking to 😉


The People's Mosquito

The People’s Mosquito

Apologies for the misleading title but we hope it is amusing — the No. 100 Group Royal Air Force (RAF) holds a unique as well as significant place in aviation’s history and its association (RAF No. 100 Group Association) lives up to that reputation. During World War II it was No. 100 Group — largely flying de Havilland Mosquitos — which was the first to pioneer as well as develop aerial electronic counter warfare. No. 100’s specially equipped Mosquito air crews flew with,or ahead of, the RAF’s nocturnal bomber streams on their missions over Europe to harass Luftwaffe night fighter bases but to especially hunt the night fighters (using radar and equipment to detect Luftwaffe night fighter radar emanations) searching out the Allied heavy bombers. Hence their motto, Confound and Destroy. Nocturnal aerial combat had evolved due to No. 100’s work and would never be the same since hunters could now easily, and quickly, become prey. Though disbanded No. 100 Group’s legacy is alive today in that nearly every fighter aircraft today can fight in the night as well as exhibited in the fine City of Norwich Aviation Museum — a museum which should not be missed.


John Lilley at the No. 100 Group 2014 Summer Gala— sincere thanks for Janine Harrington providing this image

John Lilley at the No. 100 Group 2014 Summer Gala— sincere thanks to Janine Harrington for providing this image

RAF No. 100 Group Association recently had their annual reunion last May and among the many fine presentations was one from John Lilly representing The People’s Mosquito – he is also a motive force in its noble task. Lilley is quite knowledgeable about the de Havilland Mosquito’s history, both developmental and combat, as well as a charismatic speaker. His enthusiasm and spontaneous yet sage speaking ability is infectious to hear. No matter how much one reads of the Mosquito, in talking with John Lilley one pleasantly always learns more.


RAF No. 100 Group

Crest of No. 100 Group RAF

A motive force on the RAF No. 100 Group Association is Janine Harrington who is avid in general and especially so with regard to her writing. She edits their quarterly newsletter, always well done, and is writing her 21st book (many of them relate to No. 100 Group RAF). This one is RAF 100 Group – Kindred Spirits: personal experiences of the RAF & USAAF on secret Norfolk airfields during WWII. This one will be especially rich and will fittingly be released shortly prior to Remembrance Day (Veteran’s Day in the USA), this year, with the first 100 being collectibles and including original (i.e., not reproduced) signatures of No. 100 Group RAF members. It is books such as this one which place faces to history and are so significant in truly comprehensively understand past events beyond their singularly dimensional dates and statistics.    


The People’s Mosquito is a project to build an original Mosquito (with original data plate) for the public trust — and will be the sole flying Mosquito that is not privately owned. Check out the website, donate should you think the cause worthy as well as shop the available high-quality merchandise for unique gifts.

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  1. 15 August 2014 14:18

    Thanks for the great write-up and all your support Joe.

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      15 August 2014 16:27

      The pleasure is mine and thank you 🙂

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