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Rare trio to fly on Thursday — Avro Lancaster + Avro Vulcan + Avro Lancaster

20 August 2014

Rare trio to fly on Thursday — Avro Lancaster + Avro Vulcan + Avro Lancaster

The People's Mosquito

The People’s Mosquito

From The People’s Mosquito (TPM) — the noble effort to build (not rebuild) an original de Havilland Mosquito for the public trust — we have the latest news.

Supporter of The People’s Mosquito and more than famed pilot Bill Ramsey — who has flown as a Red Arrow and pilots both the Avro Lancaster as well the Avro Vulcan — will lead a once-in-a-lifetime formation flying this Thursday. He will be flying lead in the rare flying Avro Vulcan along with the rare pair of flying Avro Lancasters on a series of flypasts after departing RAF Waddington. These flypasts made by these aviators are absolutely spectacular and unerringly on time to the minute — flying with the military precision as you may expect.

The well done (i.e., not a blithe duo of paragraphs as is too often the case) interview article as well as photos can be seen in this Global Aviation Resource link.


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