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The Telescope and The Blimp

28 August 2014

The Telescope and The Blimp

The New York Times published an article on 25 August 2014 regarding the potential of using lighter-than-air flight in blimps to carry telescopes aloft in Joshua A. Krisch’s article, Modern Research Borne on a Relic. The article is intriguing for its description of the challenges of long-duration high-altitude lighter-than-air flight as well as its potential advantages to the science specialities of astronomy as well as climatology. [Though animal migration studies also come to mind as well as geological studies.] Krisch has done his research in detailing the recent U.S. Army funded Hi-Sentinel communication blimp projects as well as the Keck Institute for Space Studies at California Tech.

This article is well worth a read as it may be a new dimension to future studies which will not only effectively gather information when it could not have been gathered before but to gather information over the long-term for more representative (and more accurate as well as more insightful) analyses.


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