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9-11 Falcon — called upon to ready for the unthinkable

11 September 2014

9-11 Falcon — called upon to ready for the unthinkable

Three F-16 Fighter Falcons of the 119th Fighter Wing out of Langley scrambled to provide Combat Air Patrol (CAP) over Washington DC. Of course the CAP was ordered over the capitol by the military once the terrorists attacks were known for what they were — using commercial airliners as weapons to purposely inflict casualties upon the maximum number of innocent civilians as possible.

9-11 F-16 — photo by Joseph May

9-11 Wash DC CAP F-16A Fighting Falcon S/N 89-0929 — photo by Joseph May

Then USAF Major Brad Derrig flew the F-16 now on display at the Washington Air National Guard Western Air Defense Sector Headquarters on Joint Base Lewis-McChord — just down the road from the McChord Air Museum — on that day’s historic mission. It must have dismayed him, as well as his wingmen (Capt. Dean Eckmann and Capt. Craig Borgstrom), to realize he may be called upon to shoot down a U.S. registered airliner therefore killing too many fellow Americans to count. Many of us forget what it can mean to be called to serve, to be able to perform a cold calculus to serve the many over the few — but we shouldn’t forget.

The monument’s plaque — McChord Air Museum photo


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