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Aeromarine 75 in sculpture

26 January 2015

Aeromarine 75 in sculpture

25° 45′ 42″ N / 80° 15′ 48″ W

Vacation Store Aeromarine 75 art — photo by Joseph May

Vacation Store Aeromarine 75 art — photo by Joseph May

Aeromarine West Indies Airways began flying paying passengers this day in 1920 on the Key West–Havana route. The company flew mail for the U.S. Postal service and well as business people and tourists in a seaplane modified by the parent company, Aeromarine Plane and Motor Company, portending the future of the airline industry as we know it today. Most famously they used what became known as the Aeromarine 75 — getting its designation “75” from the time to fly to Havana, just 75 minutes. The Aeromarine 75 had an interesting full circle history beginning with Curtiss as the H.12, then improved by Felixstowe into the F5L and finally to Aeromarine Plane and Motor Company after WW I for conversion to the airliner known as the Aeromarine 75 as well as the first international airliner of the United States.

The Vacation Store on the corner of SW 42nd Ave/LeJuene Rd and SW 11th St in Coral Gables/Miami has artwork reminiscent of the Aeromarine 75 which is fitting since it flew in Florida in our first international airline eventually to be bought by Juan Trippe launching Pan American Airways with much of its business run from Miami.

Vacation Store Aeromarine 75 art — photo by Joseph May

Vacation Store Aeromarine 75 art — photo by Joseph May

Additional history and photos of this aircraft can be found in this post 🙂

But to really experience the aircraft stream or rent the 1977 film The People that Time Forgot. A highly realistic model (albeit with only a pusher engine, not the inline tractor and pusher engines) as well as set, along with expansive aerial photography, do an excellent pre-CGI job of seeing this aircraft aboard the HMS Polar Queen, flying through narrow mountain passes and realistically force landing onto inhospitable volcanic terrain (á lá the Canary Islands where much of the film’s location shooting was done). 

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  1. 26 January 2015 11:53

    HI, Joe…
    A classy piece of graphics…am going to drop them an E saying so…VERY nice! Like the Pepsi logo, I like graphics that are simple , memorable and powerful images that are strong in promotional capabilities. This one, IMHO easily meets the criteria!
    Happy New Year, Sir…

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      26 January 2015 21:58

      Thank David and Happy New You as well.

      Your opinion is spot on for me 🙂

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