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Boeing’s Red Barn — outside red

9 March 2015

Boeing’s Red Barn — outside red

47° 31′ 07″ N / 122° 17′ 50″ W

Red Barn — photo by Joseph May

The former HQ of the Boeing Airplane Company — photo by Joseph May

Here it is.

The birthplace of the Boeing Airplane Company, known as the “Red Barn”, it is a post-and-beam construction filled light from windows as well as skylights. Built as part of a larger complex — which grew with time until the manufacturing and offices which now builds airliners was moved down the way — what remains, as part of the Museum of Flight is the kernel of the original facility.

Red Barn — photo by Joseph May

Plant 1, est. 1916 — photo by Joseph May

Though aged about a century the building is in brand new condition and should be seen both inside and out, especially the interior which will be seen in next Wednesday’s post.

Red Barn — photo by Joseph May

The Red Barn — photo by Joseph May

Red Barn — photo by Joseph May

The Red Barn is an intimate part of the Museum of Flight — photo by Joseph May

Red Barn — photo by Joseph May

The way to the Red Barn’s office — photo by Joseph May

blog The Red Barn_MG_5450

A quiet corner outside the Red Barn — photo by Joseph May


3 Comments leave one →
  1. 9 March 2015 11:57

    Looking good!

  2. 9 March 2015 12:15

    Wow!!! I’ve done a number of paintings of the GBZ over the years…..and both of these are magnificent photo angles, Sir! I wish I’d had them for reference!!! You’ve inspired another one!

    I doubt now I’ll ever be able to go to Seattle to see what is shown on this page, but after years of looking at museums around this world online and a few in person, this singular living, breathing, dark red building and what was accomplished inside it with those creative souls…seems like it would be sacred ground, the equal of Hoffman Field and the whole Wright Brothers experience in Dayton.

    To be standing in that field with the wind snapping the flags defining the flight path, on a beautiful summer day last summer is almost beyond words to explain ; the privilege, the pinnacle, a name in the same stratosphere ..(and even today , to our outer reaches).

    Are there any interior shots coming from you; so I can bask in _your_ experience ?!!! Thanks, Joe…

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      10 March 2015 16:57

      Hello David,

      You might like Wednesday’s post, I hope so, since it is all about the Red Barn’s interior 🙂

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