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ERCO Ercoupe — classic and a beauty

16 March 2015

ERCO Ercoupe — classic and a beauty

ERCO Ercoupe — photo by Joseph May

ERCO Ercoupe  vintage 1946 — photo by Joseph May

Fred Weick’s timeless aircraft design, manufactured by ERCO as the Ercoupe, this one was made in 1946 — but looks modern today. Weick did his best to reduce pilot error induced fatalities by making the Ercoupe as stall proof and spin proof as possible. This was done by limiting up elevator deflection as well as coordinating the rudder with the control wheel. It was novel to have tricycle gear back in the day, as well, but made for better ground handling and less tasking landings.

ERCO Ercoupe — photo by Joseph May

ERCO Ercoupe  pilot and passenger have excellent visibility from their side-by-side seating — photo by Joseph May

For an excellent post rich in the Ercoupe’s history please see this post on G-COUP which is in Shortfinals’s Blog.


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  1. 16 March 2015 06:32

    Back then, to a fourteen year old kid, it was a P-38 fighter with room to take a friend along!!
    I’m still amazed when watching that young lady fly one with her feet…I’d bet that Fred would be _so_ proud and deservedly so!!

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      16 March 2015 07:59

      Of course it would be a P-38!

  2. Bill permalink
    16 March 2015 12:15

    I am teaching a student in his 1946 Ercoupe for Light Sport Pilot. Great aircraft for learning except for cross winds (no rudders).

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      16 March 2015 15:21

      I want to thank you for the pointer. Reading about the Ercoupe there is much about no need for learning rudder coordination but you’ve illustrated the other side of that coin — thanks again for a more objective view.

      Question: will your student be learning sideslipping skills?

  3. shortfinals permalink
    16 March 2015 21:15

    Lovely job, Joe! One of my favourites. Here’s my take on a European example.

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      16 March 2015 22:20

      Excellent post and photo you referenced Ross. I’ve amended my post to refer readers to your post 🙂

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