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“The Newsboy” — á lá Curtiss Robin

11 May 2015

“The Newsboy” — á lá Curtiss Robin

Curtiss Robin "The Newsboy" — photo by Joseph May

Radial engine of  the Curtiss Robin “The Newsboy” — photo by Joseph May

Many like to get the morning paper, including those from other cities and on the day of publication. Back in the day before internet file transfers or hundreds of airline flights each day papers, ever hyper-competitive, devised creative schemes to get their paper speedily to other cities.

Curtiss Robin "The Newsboy" — photo by Joseph May

Curtiss Robin “The Newsboy” in the main hall of the Museum of Flight — photo by Joseph May

The Daily Gazette of 1929 McCook Nebraska was hyper-competitive as well as creative in the purchase of their Curtiss Robin which became “The Newsboy” — flying 380 miles / 600km each day to deliver 5000 newspapers to 40 rural towns. Steve Tuttle piloted the Robin dropping his newspaper bundles to keep these rural folks current with the news.

blog Newsboy_MG_6313

Curtiss Robin “The Newsboy” with newspaper replicas of the Daily Gazette back in her day — photo by Joseph May


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  1. shortfinals permalink
    11 May 2015 11:13

    That undercarriage looks amazingly fragile for the type of work the aircraft undertook! Still, this is one machine with character.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      12 May 2015 09:47

      I agree. The Curtiss Robin was is a remarkable if subtle aircraft isn’t it with its use by “Wrong Way” Corrigan and world record time aloft achievement?

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