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Eastern Air Lines Flying routes again and two museums in trouble

30 May 2015

Eastern Air Lines

Eastern Air Lines is flying again and, just like days past, is flying out of Miami International Airport. We have been following Eastern Air Lines web site closely ever since their HQ opened in MIA. Though there was no mention on their site, exciting news was covered in the news media recently — their first revenue flight was just last Wednesday! The new business group has purchased the intellectual rights (á lá Ball Watch and Spyker Cars) and began charter flights connecting Miami to the Cuban cities of Havana, Camagüey and Santa Clara. Eastern was first to fly Boeing B-727 and B-757 aircraft as well as the Airbus A-300 — and in this incarnation they are flying the Boeing B-737. I saw one of these airliners a few days ago at MIA and it looks as good as its photo 🙂

Eastern Air Lines 737 — Eastern Air Lines photo

Eastern Air Lines 737 — Eastern Air Lines photo

Quonset Hut Aviation Museum

This Rhode Island gem is in trouble having its hangar condemned. The museum’s aircraft are out in the open, some rare and all in good shape, unprotected from the elements. There may be more to this story than simple condemnation and Ross Sharp is on this story — see his many excellent images in Twitter at @GRossSharp. See more about the museum in Ross’s blog, as well, by typing “Quonset” into blog’s search field.

H.A.R.P. Historic Aircraft Restoration Project

H.A.R.P, located at Floyd Bennett Field, is  a favorite and the NPS recently assessed the hangar and have decided to close it to the public—though the aircraft remain protected inside the hangar. This museum has been covered in this blog, please use the search field and “H.A.R.P.” to see the photos.

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  1. shortfinals permalink
    30 May 2015 17:44

    Thanks for this, Joe. I have just worked the Rhode Island NG Show with these guys, where their aircraft formed the bulk of the static! LOTS more to follow…………..and yes, it isn’t simple (there are politics involved)

  2. 4 June 2015 01:11

    Heard from Ross this afternoon.

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