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365 Aircraft You Must Fly

21 July 2015

365 Aircraft You Must Fly, Robert F. Dorr, 2015, ISBN 978-0-7063-4763-8, 320 pp.

365 Aircraft You Must Fly by Robert F. Dorr

365 Aircraft You Must Fly by Robert F. Dorr

Dorr has done it again. His ability to write informatively with an easily readable style enables him to capture the essences of no less than 365 aircraft in a handy, fun book. Each page covers one or two aircraft using photos, a bit a text and a wry observation here or there.

The gamut is covered regarding what is flying today and what has flown back in the day — from the world’s largest aircraft to the smallest. Fighters, bombers, cargo and one-off aircraft are all included in 365 Aircraft You Must Fly and this is the value of this book. People new to aviation can marvel at whichever aircraft capture their imaginations while people familiar with aviation can see the span of aviation from first fighters to the behemoth Mriya as well as Galaxy. Historical aircraft are noted, some not well known but nonetheless significant — and all in a tablet sized treasure.

Dorr has done his work well with aircraft organized by country of origin and a complete index. 365 Aircraft You Must Fly is well worth the small asking price from Zenith Press, Amazon or the local book shop (go there!).


As is the publishing business custom, Zenith Press and On-line Bookstore provided a copy of this book for an objective review.

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  1. 21 July 2015 09:50

    Looks like an excellent book for an airplane nerd (and a book nerd, too!) like me! This title reminds me of Barry Schiff’s “Dream Aircraft.”

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