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Ross Sharp — all in the cards

11 August 2015

Ross Sharp is a varied and talented man. Fortunately for aviation’s history he is heavily absorbed by all that is aviation. Knowing Ross, one must take care to have an opinion as to what he specializes in (so comprehensive is his knowledge and experience) but it is safer to write of what he emphasizes.

Ross Sharp, The People's Mosquito/Director Engineering & Airframe Compliance

Ross Sharp, The People’s Mosquito/Director Engineering & Airframe Compliance (note that some information has been redacted but additional contact information is in the text)

Through the years Ross has:

  • Greatly assisted this writer with his copy editing, well thought out suggestions, fact checking and images.
  • Managed air shows (where his vast network of contacts no doubt makes the impossible quite possible).
  • Followed aircraft in their movements into, out of, and within museums — leading to story scoops on this blog as well as other interesting news items.
  • Taken the reins of Director, Engineering & Airframe Compliance as a member of The People’s Mosquito cadre. This task, like most volunteer tasks, is rewarding in spirit if not wallet since the aim being accomplished is the building (using original molds) of a brand new flying de Havilland Mosquito which is to be placed in the public trust (all others which fly are in private hands).
Ross Sharp, Principal/Air Show Consultants

Ross Sharp, Principal/Air Show Consultants

Ross Sharp can meet your air show organizing needs and has a vast collection of images — services as well as images are for hire and for reasonable fees which are quite surprising in consideration of his skills, experience, network and ken 🙂

He can be contacted:

  • via email at
  • Tweeted using @GRossSharp (follow his tweets for untold numbers of high quality images)
Ross Sharp, RAF Finningley Air Show/Deputy Air Show Coordinator

Ross Sharp, RAF Finningley Air Show/Deputy Air Show Coordinator

6 Comments leave one →
  1. theflyingyorkshireman permalink
    11 August 2015 07:42

    Good Day, Joe: Ever since you introduced me to this fellow Brit I have been mightily-impressed with his writing, and his knowledge about so many subjects. Ross is, truly, “A Man For All Seasons!” May he – and you – “Live long and prosper!”

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      11 August 2015 09:33

      Yes, Ross has deep knowledge about a vast array of subjects, indeed 🙂

  2. 11 August 2015 12:48

    As a fellow TPM Director, I am glad to call Ross a colleague and a friend. His jokes may be old, but his knowledge (and support) is boundless!

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      11 August 2015 13:27

      His old jokes, when told, made ours seem better 😉

      Yes, boundlessness is a trademark with Ross 🙂

  3. shortfinals permalink
    11 August 2015 16:19

    Gentlemen, you do me too much honour! I shall attempt to live up to the write-up, Joe. ‘Travel for Aircraft’ is required reading on my PC (that should tell you all something!)

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      12 August 2015 11:08

      Thanks Ross — but we just report the facts 🙂

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