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Laird Baby Biplane replica extraordinaire

17 August 2015
Laird Baby Biplane — photo by Joseph May

Laird Baby Biplane — photo by Joseph May

Dean Tilton built this replica of Matty Laird’s Baby Biplane which Laird completed during 1912. It is on display at the Florida Air Museum and looks perfectly preserved as if it is the original.

Laird Baby Biplane — photo by Joseph May

Laird Baby Biplane — photo by Joseph May

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  1. Fred Olds permalink
    17 August 2015 07:07

    We have a superb air museum just south of Virginia Beach in Pungo. They have the only flying Mosquito and it is superb. It was controversial when the owner bought it and brought it here from England. Capt Fred Olds USN Ret

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      17 August 2015 11:20

      Thank you for the update Capt. Olds. I’ll amend as required but give me a few days to do so, please. Joe

  2. shortfinals permalink
    17 August 2015 10:34

    Dear Captain Olds

    Actually, KA114 is a Canadian-built Mosquito FB.26, which was recovered in a very poor state from a farm in Alberta. It was rebuilt by Avspecs in New Zealand, and after flying in New Zealand for a while, was crated and sent to Jerry Yagen in Virginia Beach, who had commissioned the work.

    A Mosquito B.35 WAS flown from Scotland to the USA, when Kermit Weeks purchased the ex-Strathallan Collection aircraft. This particular machine is no longer airworthy, (Kermit says it needs some work) and is on exhibition in the EAA Museum, Oshkosh. There was some outcry, indeed, when Kermit purchased the Mosquito (he also purchased the last flyable member of the Sunderland/Sandringham flying boat line, and the only likely-restorable Tempest Mk V, so he is not exactly popular in some UK aviation circles).

    There is a flyable Mosquito B.35 in Canada, now. It was the subject of a magnificent restoration by Victoria Air Services, B.C.

    Please visit The People’s Mosquito website . There you will find rare WW2 color film of Mosquitoes in action, plus details of our work to restore a Mosquito to flight status and base it in the UK.

    Kind regards

    Ross Sharp
    Director, Engineering & Airframe Compliance
    The People’s Mosquito Ltd

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      17 August 2015 11:17

      Thanks again, Ross 🙂 Always the complete and up-to-date awareness 🙂

      BTW — I understand Kermit Weeks might be frowned upon by certain parties in the UK. But, what is the story regarding those in the UK who sold to Kermit instead of fellow citizens? There must be a story there. Certainly Kermit cannot be cast as the sole villin in this play?

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