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How to Build a Plane — just right for STEM

27 September 2015

How to Build a Plane: a soaring adventure of mechanics, teamwork, and friendship, Saskia Lacey, 2015, ISBN 9781633220416, 64 pp.

How to Build a Plane: a soaring adventure of mechanics, teamwork, and friendship by Walter Foster, Jr.

How to Build a Plane: a soaring adventure of mechanics, teamwork, and friendship by Saskia Lacey with art and illustration by Martin Sodomka

This marvelous children’s book is as joyful for adults as it is for children. The story is subtly and expertly educational (Lacey is an experienced teacher) with regard to working within a team, engineering and building. The artwork is simply warm, charming and lovely in its depiction of our intrepid trio of animals going about designing an airplane. Sodomka uses colors which are luminescent where emphasis is desired and low-key for effect elsewhere — resulting in rich pages which will delight the eyes of younger children and feed the eyes of eager minds.

Details in the illustrations are exacting and labeled with specifity beyond the usual rudder, wing, propeller norm of many books — and refreshingly so. Lacey’s writing and Sodomko’s art work complement one another to the point of harmony. Lacey’s text is written in a more adult sized font, which eager children often prefer as they strive to leave childhood in their wake. Adults reading to younger children will easily adapt their narrative as their children gleefully explore Sodomko’s visual work. Older children will revel in learning of wing construction, aircraft design, 3-D like illustration of aerial maneuvers and more. Everyone will learn the value of a team working to meet a challenge, avoiding disaster and enjoying the adventure of it all.

Get this book for its intelligent approach treating children as young adults and its eye pleasing illustration — but mostly get this book to give a chance to kindle a young mind to pursue science, technology or engineering (STEM).


As is the publishing business custom,Walter Foster Jr. and  Zenith Press and On-line Bookstore provided a copy of this book for an objective review.


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  1. Bruce Kay permalink
    5 October 2015 19:34

    Joe: I ordered both How to Build a Plane and How to Build a Motorcycle. Very long lead times – Monday Nov 9 – Wed, Dec 16. I figure giving it to Diane’s school library could get some technical kids started on a career in science.Bruce

    Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015 05:01:41 +0000 To:

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      5 October 2015 21:24

      Great idea that–a library donation 🙂 You’ll be impressed with these books. We bought some for kids we know, as well

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