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Dreamlifter Spotting

4 November 2015
Boeing Dreamlifter servicing at MIA October 2015

Boeing Dreamlifter servicing at MIA October 2015—Joseph May:Travel for Aircraft

Boeing heavily modified four B-747 aircraft into outsized cargo aircraft. The kind with the swollen-looking fuselages which can carry aloft large objects such as satellites and fuselage sections. Boeing coined the term “Dreamlifter” for these super-specialized super-sized cargo aircraft since their primary means of earning a living is to haul section of Dreamliner (B-787) fuselage sections. Just last week we spotted a Dreamlifter at MIA probably undergoing maintenance and were able to take these long shots through a chain link fence.

—Joseph May:Travel for Aircraft

Boeing Dreamlifter servicing at MIA October 2015 (note the hinges near the tail which allow the tail to swing to the side for cargo loading and unloading)—Joseph May:Travel for Aircraft

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  1. 4 November 2015 15:59

    Have a close friend who was First Officer of one of the Starlifters for a year or so……he said that he enjoyed flying it and that it was as easy to fly as a Cub….which I think he would actually prefer!

    I’m not positive, but I think / guess that his main complaint was the amount of time it took to get to the plane wherever it was, to take it wherever in the world it had to go which was keeping him from flying his Cub!

    …so, alas, from the last image I saw of him, smiling from ear to ear, he was ‘uniformed’ in the realm of the DHL’s, Fedex’s, ups’s or other carriers that allowed him his freedom with less pressure turn around….

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