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Art in JFK’s Terminal 4—Cuervo and the Stones :P

22 November 2015

40° 38′ 45″ N / 73° 46′ 40″ W


José Cuervo “1972 Rolling Stones Tequila Sunrise Tour” marketing art in JFK’s Terminal 4 (note the fuselage panels and “tail section” made of desk/tables)—Ben Hilder image of the Air Hollywood Design installation provided by JFK Terminal 4

JFK‘s Terminal 4 has partnered with José Cuervo to create a lively art exhibition/marketing campaign. Use of aviation furniture as art is always welcome, of course. In this case, Air Hollywood Designs of Air Hollywood created a traveling themed 1500 square foot space airline passengers are enjoying. José Cuervo also adds energy to the walk-in exhibit by recalling the famous Tequila Sunrise Tour of the Rolling Stones of 1972. Aviation furniture/art + José Cuervo + Rolling Stones = quite a bit of fun (and not where expected?)

There is more…Terminal 4 will host this extraordinary traveler’s respite until the end of 2015—with the bonus of free José Cuervo sampling every day but Sunday from 2:30pm until 8pm (1430—2000 hrs).



José Cuervo “1972 Rolling Stones Tequila Sunrise Tour” marketing art in JFK’s Terminal 4 (clever use of an engine inlet cowling and airliner seats by Air Hollywood Design)—Ben Hilder image provided by JFK Terminal 4



José Cuervo “1972 Rolling Stones Tequila Sunrise Tour” marketing art by Air Hollywood Design in JFK’s Terminal 4 (closer view of the tables/desks as well as the “Tongue and Lip Design” of the Rolling Stones which was designed by John Pasche and modified by Craig Braun)—Ben Hilder image provided by JFK Terminal 4

Terminal 4 serves 32 airlines which move 19.5 million people through its gates yearly. Art is always welcome to relieve travel’s necessary tedium and airports around the world have used or have begun using art to pull travelers from the doldrums. Our thanks to Ben Hilder for capturing these delightful images as well as to Ross Wallenstein and Nicole Turano of the Marino Organization for their help with this post. Our thanks, as well to Mr. T. Captan of Air Hollywood for his clarifications making this post accurate as well as complete.


José Cuervo “1972 Rolling Stones Tequila Sunrise Tour” marketing with art by Air Hollywood Design in JFK’s Terminal 4—Ben Hilder image provided by JFK Terminal 4

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  1. 22 November 2015 22:12

    Hey, Joe….
    MOTOART!!!…..Here’s one company that deserves EVERY accolade they get for the creativity they produce for lovers of Aviation worldwide!…Without question, exquisite work….Been proud of them since almost when they began their company!!

    DavidLord / Motorsport Art & Design
    Indianapolis Indiana

  2. 30 November 2015 10:52

    I guess you are wrong… AIr Hollywood is responsible for creating this creative work, take a look at every piece at the terminal and get back to us.
    T Captan CEO Air Hollywood.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      30 November 2015 22:54

      Thank you and I was unintentionally ambiguous. I didn’t have the firm who made the design at the time I wrote the post and only meant to infer firms who did work like that of yours in the lovely display. I’ll look up your information and amend the post 🙂 Thanks again, Joe

      • 2 December 2015 21:12

        Thank you for doing that Joe.
        We are a part of Air Hollywood family.

      • travelforaircraft permalink*
        3 December 2015 08:55

        Your are most welcome. I’ll be in touch with a few questions so I can do a bit more than simply amend this post, if you have the time of course.

  3. 3 December 2015 10:06

    I will make time for you of course,

    • 5 December 2015 10:37

      Hi Joe, I would really appreciate correcting the article as soon as possible, it should take you a lot of time to do that, I’m getting calls and asking why the mistake has not changed.
      Thanks for doing that.

      • travelforaircraft permalink*
        5 December 2015 11:52

        Hello Mr Captan,

        I am unsure of the error you are concerned with since I edited the post at 7am EDT this morning, specifically crediting Air Hollywood Designs with the installation as well as having the firm specified in each of the four captions along with crediting you for your welcome assistance in making the post clearer.

        I know you think my writing was in error but I do not. The firm which provided the information and photos did not mention your company so I mentioned the niche of aviation furniture as well as provided two firms that I knew of in the field. Now, of course, I happily know of yours. I clarified that in the post, however, since that part of the original statement could be ambiguous. Since the post is in regard to the Air Hollywood Design installation I’ve deleted names of other forms which also deal in aircraft furniture/art which is a subject of a post at another time 🙂

        Apologies for the confusion I caused to those who contacted you in that regard.

        Thanks again for this innovative installation and your timely help,


  4. 6 December 2015 13:47

    Thank you very much Joe for the correction, wishing you well for the Holidays!!!

  5. Casey Landry permalink
    18 January 2016 21:58

    Additionally, credit for the original concept designs that lead to this beauty go to BRZoom.

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