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VC-25 a.k.a. Air Force One

15 February 2016
Boeing VC-24 "Air Force One" departing Moffatt Field—image and copyright by Nick Veronica 2016

Boeing VC-25 “Air Force One” departing Moffett Field—image and copyright by Nick Veronico 2016

Luckily Nick Veronico is as good a photographer as he is a writer. Recently, while on assignment at Moffett Field (formally named Moffett Federal Field), he captured one of the aircraft used as Air Force One as it was departing. Each aircraft is a heavily modified Boeing 747B, making them CV-25s. The 747 profile and livery, perhaps, makes this Air Force One aircraft iconic and maybe not to be usurped in the title.

Nick has several books about aircraft history, especially finding and researching war wrecks—Nick coined the term “wreck chasing” for these endeavors. His most recent books with their respective reviews are:

Hidden Warships: finding World War II’s abandoned, sunk, and preserved warships, Nicholas A. Veronico, 2015, ISBN 978-0-7603-4756-0, 256 pp., 115 color images and 75 b/w

Hidden Warbirds II: more epic stories of finding, recovering, and rebuilding WWII’s lost aircraft, Nicholas A. Veronico, 2014, ISBN 97807603466013, 256 pp.

Hidden Warbirds: the epic stories of finding, recovering & rebuilding WWII’s lost aircraft, Nicholas A. Veronico, 2013, ISBN 978-0-7603-4409-5, 256 pp.

A research archive can also be found at which was founded by Nick. It is rich in resources and information. It is also the home of the virtual Museum of Aerial Gunnery which may be the rare museum specializing in aerial gunnery.

Thanks to Nick for allowing permission to use his image in this post 🙂


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