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The Seeker from Oz

9 March 2016


The Seeker--Seeker Aircraft image

The Seeker–Seeker Aircraft image

Seeker Aircraft, out of Australia (“Oz” by nickname), recently licensed U.S. manufacture of its unique aircraft to Erickson Inc. Designed for patrolling it give the flight crew of two exceptional visibility of greater than 180° in the horizontal plane, an uncluttered forward view (since the engine and propeller are to the rear of the cockpit) and excellent upward as well as downward viewing angles. It can carry a variety of sensors for patrolling borders to monitoring fires and ecology. Staying aloft for hours gives the Seeker great advantage in observation. The conventional landing gear, high-mounted wing and light weight allows the aircraft to operated from improved roads and large parking lots—so it can be deployed close to mission areas for minimum transit times. This would also be a grand aircraft for aerial photography work.


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  1. david lord permalink
    9 March 2016 06:12

    reminds me of the Seabee! Looks like it would be fun!

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      9 March 2016 10:00

      Yes, I agree and very much so. The Edgely Optica is a modern variant of the basuc design–expect a post soon 🙂

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