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Crane & Co. Aviation Stationery

6 May 2016

Crane & Co. Aviation Themed Stationery

Crane & Co. Aviation Stationery

Crane & Co. Stationery Box Cover

Crane & Co. have been making high quality paper since the U.S. were colonies. High quality paper is made with cotton instead of wood pulp—like paper currency—which gives the paper the “tooth” which a fountain pen’s nib can be used with to render a scintillating writing experience. Though ball points and rollerballs combined with conventional paper have more general utility the fountain pen + high end paper pairing something good is usually left behind whenever we progress. Nothing compares well to the tactility of the fountain pen’s nib scratching (scribing?) ever so lightly across the grain of excellent paper. It is nothing like the feel of a ball point or a rollerball. High end paper is pricey. High end nibs even more so with their rare earth metal alloys and multiple hand prep manufacturing operations.

blog Crane and Co 002

Crane & Co. aviation theme thank you note card—Joseph May:Travel for Aircraft

Ultimately, it is up to the writer to judge if the benefit exceeds the cost, of course—though good writers write for their audience 😉 Here is an example of a Crane an Co. product—a thank you note card and mailing envelope. Note the detail of the envelope interior as well as the near machine fit of the card into the envelope. High end products with tight tolerances—taking writing well above the mundane 🙂

Crane & Co.—Joseph May:Travel for Aircraft

Crane & Co. aviation theme thank you note card envelope interior—Joseph May:Travel for Aircraft



2 Comments leave one →
  1. shortfinals permalink
    8 May 2016 14:43

    A very fine company, making excellent paper it would seem! I like old-fashioned things…

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      8 May 2016 17:33

      As do I! You’ll get a chance to experiment with some of their paper quite soon 🙂

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