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The British Bomber

10 May 2016

The British Bomber since 1914, Francis K. Mason, 1994, ISBN 1-55750-085-1, 416 pp.

The British Bomber Since 1914 by Francis K. Mason

The British Bomber since 1914 by Francis K. Mason

Francis Mason’s British Bombers Since 1914 is a tour through British aviation design for nearly a century. The famous aircraft. The infamous aircraft. The “odd duck” aircraft. Bomber as well as attack aircraft are here, beginning with the Bristol T.B.8 and finishing with the Short S.B.6 Seamew with a tremendous variety of aircraft included along the interesting journey Mason entertainingly leads.

The famous aircraft are not left out. Aircraft such as the Halifax, Mosquito, Lancaster, Victor and Vulcan. Also, the aircraft which carried the load but did not become famous, like the Gannnet, and Shackleton. The historian will be pleased with the plethora of aircraft which were built in limited numbers—surprisingly, perhaps, many of them. The Nimrod is not part of this book but the Panavia Tornado is.

Mason goes well beyond simply cataloging the aircraft types with his grouping by chapters by their historical eras—the best context since the designs, as well as the technology, are driven by the era of the time. Peacetime, wartime, the Cold War, and recent deployments are also well described by Mason so that these aircraft do not exist is technical pieces like a museum display but as part of the history they were used to make.

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