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A geologist’s wish list aircraft for long range expedition—the Grumman Gulfstream G650ER

14 October 2016

ER stands for Extended Range and the Grumman Gulfstream G650ER has it in spades! What an aircraft for a geologist to use to get to an investigative area in style, rested, with gear and friends as well as quickly. Able to sleep ten, fly at Mach 0.9 for maximum cruise speed, or Mach 0.85 for maximum endurance, the reality is that one can fly from New York City to all of South America, most of Africa and all of Europe in one hop. Or Hong Kong to all of Asia including Australia and New Zealand as well as most of Africa and Canada. What an aircraft for a geological team with its galley and a pair of lavatories? What and aircraft for a blogger to cover international air shows 😉



Grumman Gulfstream G650ER taking its place in the departure queue—image provided by Grumman Aerospace


Grumman Gulfstream G650ER wings its way to the destination—image provided by Grumman Aerospace


Grumman Gulfstream G650ER is suited to international travel—image provided by Grumman Aerospace


Grumman Gulfstream G650ER’s sleek lines and winglets—image provided by Grumman Aerospace


Grumman Gulfstream G650ER over eroded mesas—image provided by Grumman Aerospace


Grumman Gulfstream G650ER transiting a desert basin—image provided by Grumman Aerospace


Grumman Gulfstream G650ER—image provided by Grumman Aerospace


Grumman Gulfstream G650ER—image provided by Grumman Aerospace


Grumman Gulfstream G650ER uses an airstair in the conventional location—image provided by Grumman Aerospace


Grumman Gulfstream G650ER’s all glass digital cockpit—image provided by Grumman Aerospace


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  1. theflyingyorkshireman permalink
    14 October 2016 11:12

    – And it still has traditional yolks, that move together (no independent side sticks)!

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      14 October 2016 22:09

      Indeed 🙂

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