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“Cablevision Tool”—world record setting Learjet 35A

11 December 2016



The record setting Learjet 35A in DIA in Terminal C of Denver International Airport—Nick Veronico image and copyright

This Learjet 35A—known as “Cablevision Tool”—was used to set a world speed record around the globe for business jets. Touching down at Denver International Airport, after departing there 49 hours 21 minutes and 8 seconds earlier, its four pilots claimed that record on 14 February 1996 with an average speed of 467.6 mph over a distance of 23,077 miles. The aircraft was owned by Bill Daniels who led a Louis Lamour-like life as a champion boxer, fighter pilot then to ultimately become the “Father of Cable Television” and who assigned to a pair of pilot teams: Paul Thayer and Dan Miller as well as Mark Calkins and retired astronaut Peter Conrad. The route flown by these four pilots in just a bit over two days was: Colorado–Cape Verde–Italy–Saudi Arabia–India–Philippines–Russia–Alaska–Colorado. Cablevision Tool is now is exhibited suspended within Terminal C of Denver International Airport. Our thanks to author Nicholas Veronico for contributing these images and story idea   🙂


Learjet 35A in DIA—Nick Veronico image and copyright


Learjet 35A in DIA showing just a few of the interests Bill Denials had—Nick Veronico image and copyright


“Cablevision Tool” Learjet 35A’s nose tells the tale (though pilot Dan Miller’s name has been omitted) in DIA—Nick Veronico image and copyright

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