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A 185 on floats coming in to MPB

2 January 2017

For the love of watching things fly. Witnessing the aircraft descend, bending onto final, then the steep drop to a water landing.


Cessna 185 on base leg to the Miami Seaplane Base (MPB)—Joseph May/Travel for Aircraft


Cessna 185 turning onto final for MPB—Joseph May/Travel for Aircraft


Cessna 185 continues its turn onto final with tail fin strobe lit—Joseph May/Travel for Aircraft


Cessna 185 almost on final with Miami Beach and Star Island in the background—Joseph May/Travel for Aircraft


Cessna 185 flying through a buildings shadow over sailing vessels at anchor—Joseph May/Travel for Aircraft


Cessna 185 almost over MPB and passing Jungle Island—Joseph May/Travel for Aircraft

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  1. Bruce Kay permalink
    4 January 2017 16:20

    How do you get to this altitude to shoot pictures?

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      4 January 2017 19:45

      A 28th vantage point I have access to, plus highly cropped images make up a bit for an overwhelmed telephoto lens. It is cool to be above the aircraft fkr a change 🙂

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